Digital Non-Places: Checking In With Harman Smith

Master. latest

/ We’re in a tight spot.
/ There’s no other way to put it.
/ This is the Union Hotel.
/ But no one’s coming here for holidays.

/ Rumor has it the top of of the government are holding secret meetings here.
/ But why would they gather in as rundown a venue as this?
/ Standard stuff at best.

/ Master. Just between you and me.
/ I couldn’t stand spending the night below a five-star level.

In the name of Harman…


/ This is bad!
/ This just can’t be good at all!
/ Where are the staff? What sort of service is that?
/ They can’t expect from us to carry our luggage by ourselves, can they?

/ I have the utmost respect for you, Master.
/ But that won’t do, not at all.
/ I ought to file a complaint, Master.
/ I should speak to the management immediately!

/ We’re old men, Master.
/ We mustn’t tolerate such manners.

In the name of Harman…


/ It’s dark.
/ I’m overcome with gloom.
/ Have you ever heard of a thing called a shadow government?

/ Master. Give it some thought!
/ Really, a government of shadows? What does that even mean?

/ I hate those smiling freaks. Quite literally, I detest them.
/ Someone should put an end to their intrigues.
/ It’s a job for the Punk.
/ Master, don’t tell me that’s too harsh.

In the name of Harman…


/ I can feel it.
/ I can really feel it!
/ May I ask you straight out?
/ Do you know a guy named Edward Hopper?
/ He was a genius of a painter!
/ One could think his shadows were for real.

/ I mean, look at that black, Master.
/ No, don’t look! There’s something living inside those shadows.
/ Evils beyond conception.
/ Stale death and solitude.

/ Master, you musn’t get lost.

In the name of Harman…


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