Heute: Luigis Ausflug in die Arcades, Lobhudelei als News, ungezähmtes Zelda, „bedrohliche“ Barbies, Breath of the Wild’s Link to Miyazaki, und ganze 34 mal Castlevania. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern und Lesen!

Luigi’s Mansion Arcade
(themaximumutmost.wordpress.com, pine717)

[…] Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is probably best grouped with the lightgun games, although it’s not really a shooter.  The machine features two (one for each player) fairly hefty and solid replicas of Luigi’s Poltergust 5000, which is the gun peripheral used to play the game.  […]  There are two buttons on the arcade game’s Poltergust peripheral.  One on the top is used to blast a bright flash of light (the Strobulb) that stuns the ghosts and makes them vulnerable to attack.  Once stunned, the button on the Poltergust’s grip can be used to start vacuuming in the specters. […]

Nicht-News im Spielejournalismus
(textualien.wordpress.com, Andi Dittmann)

[…] Eine weitere Nicht-News erscheint schon im Oktober 2015. Sie heißt „Mass Effect: Andromeda – Bis zum Winter keine neue Details“. Eins muss man der GameStar lassen: Die Überschriften fassen die News wunderbar zusammen. Wesentlich mehr Inhalt gibt es in der News nicht.  Wobei? „In der Zwischenzeit gehen die Arbeiten an Mass Effect: Andromeda jedoch gut voran. Das geht aus einem aktuellen Tweet von Chris Wynn hervor.“ Achso? Die arbeiten weiter dran? Verrückt. Das aller-aller-aller-schlimmste aber ist es, wenn GameStar ungefiltert die eigene Lobhudelei des Entwicklerteams abtippt: […] „Mass Effect: Andromeda – E3-Präsentation soll Fans angeblich vom Hocker hauen“. […]

The Zelda of Legend
(meandnintendo.wordpress.com, Tom Hoefner)

[…] It wasn’t clear just how much of the original Zelda‘s spirit would make up this new game’s DNA until this past week, when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received its full E3 coming out party. Gamers were treated to a glimpse of a massive open 3D world with biomes and if-you-can-see-it-you-can-reach-it landmarks off on the horizon. It is the first Zelda game since who-knows-how-long, probably since the original, where the player turns on the game, guides Link out of the cave he wakes up in after Rip Van Winkling it for 100 years, chooses a direction, and just… goes. The path is undefined. The world is untamed. The frontier is unending. It is (or at least it has been presented as) a game that truly is about exploring a vast world, getting lost, and finding your own way. […]

Sexist Trolls Are Attacking Barbie for Her New Career as a Game Developer
(mic.com, Melanie Ehrenkranz)

[…] Mattel just introduced a game developer Barbie with the message, „You can be anything“ — and based on recent events, one of the things you can be is a target for aggressive misogyny. […]

An Iconic Anime Permeates The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
(killscreen.com, Cathy McCarthy)

[…] Among other aestheticized similarities to Nausicaä are the stylistic simplicity in the game’s Japanese logo, and in the Joe Hisaishi-musings of the game’s piano-keyed soundtrack. Breath of the Wild seems most keen to rest its roots in the massive open-world environment that’s promised. Link must craft, scavenge, and hunt to survive (even if the last is optional). Link must fully respect his environment—or respect the breath of the wild, as the game is titled—to reside in it, just as Nausicaä did. So maybe, just maybe, the implied Nausicaä-ness of Breath of the Wild isn’t just an outlandish surface comparison after all. […]

All 34 Castlevania Games Ranked from Worst to Best
(chiscroller.wordpress.com, Chris Hodges) – Link fixed.

[…] Slot machines and “erotic pachinko” games not included. […]

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